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Breaking in Your Bandsaw Blade

Breaking in Your Bandsaw Blade

Will Your Bandsaw Blade Make the Cut in the Long Run?

It will if you install and break it in properly. A properly installed blade runs more efficiently, increasing its life span. Follow these general guidelines to do it right:

  • Follow all safety, operational and bandsaw installation instructions on machine labels and in the manufacturer’s manual for your machine’s make and model

  • Wear gloves, eye and hearing protection and safety shoes

  • Disconnect the unit from power

  • Move the saw head to the easiest position for a blade change

  • Move the chip brush away from the saw blade

  • Release the saw blade tension and remove the blade

  • Remove any chips from the saw guides and band wheels

  • Select the appropriate blade for the material you are going to cut

  • Unfold the blade and handle it carefully to avoid damaging the teeth

  • Install the blade with saw teeth pointing in the proper direction

  • Apply appropriate tension to the blade

  • Keep hands and clothing clear of rotating blade and clear of pinch points

  • Adjust the guide arms and blade guides appropriately

  • Adjust chip brush to fully engage saw blade teeth, ensuring proper chip removal

  • Check hydraulic fluids, if applicable

  • Mix and place cutting fluid according to manufacturer’s recommendations

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