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How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade (the Right Way)

How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade (the Right Way)

This is our recommended method for folding a bandsaw blade.  Make sure to wear gloves and safety glasses.

1. Put the blade on a level surface with the teeth pointing away from you.  Hold the bottom of the loop against the floor with your foot and bring you right hand inside the blade and grasp the top of the loop firmly from underneath.

2. Push the blade downwards, compressing the diameter of the loop by about half.

3. Twist the blade by rotating your right hand so it creates 2 loops.

4. Continue twisting to create more loops, while using you left hand to holding the loops as you reposition your right hand.  Depending on the length of the blade, we will typically fold our blades between 3 and 5 loops.

5. Tie the loops together with a twist tie or a zip tie.

That’s it.  Store your blade for when you are ready to use it again.