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  1. Boomslang Contour
    Boomslang Contour

    This carbon steel blade is designed for maneuverability and durability when contour cutting hardwoods on a vertical bandsaw.

  2. Boomslang GP
    Boomslang GP

    This general purpose carbon steel blade is ideal for hobby and general purpose woodworking applications on vertical saws with small wheel diameters.

  3. Boomslang Resaw
    Boomslang Resaw

    Designed for resawing applications, this carbon steel blade has razor sharp precision ground teeth and a light set to minimize kerf and maximize yield for veneers

  4. Hellbender Bimetal GP
    Hellbender Bimetal GP
    Our best value blade delivers bimetal M42 performance at a carbon steel blade price point.
  5. Hellbender Bimetal Longevity
    Hellbender Bimetal Longevity
    Our most popular blade combines durable sintered powder metal teeth with a high-strength alloy steel backer for unbeatable multi-purpose performance.
  6. Hellbender Bimetal Tube and Beam
    Hellbender Bimetal Tube and Beam
    Resists band fatigue and tooth stripping in the most demanding interrupted cuts - recommended for pipes, beams, bundles, angles, and multi-material stacks.

  7. Hellbender Flexback Carbon
    Hellbender Flexback Carbon

    An affordable carbon steel blade suitable for light duty metal working in aluminum, brass, and soft steels

  8. Lenox Classic Bimetal
    Lenox Classic Bimetal
    The ultimate multi-purpose blade - Lenox Classic is a bimetal bandsaw blade with a M42 high speed steel edge for excellent heat and wear resistance.
  9. Lenox Classic PRO Bimetal
    Lenox Classic PRO Bimetal
    The ultimate multi-purpose blade for production cutting - Lenox Classic Pro is a bimetal blade with an M42 high speed steel edge and fatigue resistant backer for extended cutting life.
  10. Lenox Diemaster 2 Bimetal
    Lenox Diemaster 2 Bimetal
    Engineered for contour cutting - Lenox Diemaster 2 is a multi-purpose bimetal blade designed to excel in vertical hand-fed applications.
  11. Lenox Flexback Carbon
    Lenox Flexback Carbon
    A flexible carbon steel bandsaw blade designed for maximum durability at high band speeds up to 15,000 feet per minute.
  12. Lenox NEO-Type Carbon
    Lenox NEO-Type Carbon
    As Low As
    A hard back carbon steel blade designed to provide extra stability on vertical saws - recommended for band speeds less than 4,000 feet per minute.

Showing 1-12 of 14 items

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