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  1. Blade Serpent - Snakebite Coolant
    Blade Serpent Snakebite Metalworking Blade Coolant

    Snakebite Metalworking Blade Coolant extends blade life and reduces machine wear while improving the cutting finish of all metal applications

  2. Castrol Iloform Stickwax is an industrial lubricant for bandsaws and other cutting tools
    Castrol Iloform Stick Wax (15 oz.)

    Castrol Iloform is a premium synthetic stickwax designed for industrial sawing and cutting applications.

  3. Blade Serpent - Snakebite Coolant
    Qualichem Xtreme Cut 251C Metalworking Coolant

    QualiChem Xtreme Cut 251C is a premium semi-synthetic coolant that prevents rust and is recommended for aluminum and stainless-steel applications

3 Items

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