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  1. Hellbender Flexback Carbon
    Hellbender Flexback Carbon

    An affordable carbon steel blade suitable for light duty metal working in aluminum, brass, and soft steels

  2. Hellbender Bimetal GP
    Hellbender Bimetal GP
    Our best value blade delivers bimetal M42 performance at a carbon steel blade price point.
  3. Hellbender Bimetal Longevity
    Hellbender Bimetal Longevity
    Our most popular blade combines durable sintered powder metal teeth with a high-strength alloy steel backer for unbeatable multi-purpose performance.
  4. Hellbender Bimetal Tube and Beam
    Hellbender Bimetal Tube and Beam
    Resists band fatigue and tooth stripping in the most demanding interrupted cuts - recommended for pipes, beams, bundles, angles, and multi-material stacks.

4 Items

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