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About Our Hellbender Bimetal Bandsaw Blades

About Our Hellbender Bimetal Bandsaw Blades

Our bimetal bandsaw blades are made from two strips of alloy steel that are laser welded together.  The teeth are machined into a narrow strip of hard high-speed tool steel that has been joined to a wider strip of alloy steel that is acts as a flexible backer.

Bimetal blades deliver superior cut quality in all metal cutting applications when compared to carbon steel blades.  When properly used, bimetal bandsaw blades can last up to 10 times as long as carbon bandsaw blades but cost less than half the price. 

Hellbender blades are made with the highest quality alloy strip steels imported from Germany.  Each Hellbender Blade is carefully welded at our weld center in Tennessee and 100% tested for bend strength and hardness before we ship it to you. 

Our Hellbender Bimetal GP bandsaw blades combine M42 cobalt steel with an alloy steel backer for an economical bimetal blade that holds up to everyday use and abuse. These are great multipurpose blades for metalcutting on either a horizontal or vertical saw.

Our Hellbender Bimetal Longevity bimetal blades last 20% longer than standard bimetal blades by combining ultra-tough powder metal teeth with a rigid 4% chromium alloy steel backer for increased beam strength.  If you're shop does a lot of horizontal cutting, these are the blades for you.

Our Hellbender Tube and Beam stay sharp when cutting pipes, beams, and bundles by pairing ultra-tough M42 cobalt steel teeth with an impact resistant tooth design and a variable TPI for quiet vibration-free operation in demanding interrupted cutting conditions.