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  1. Hellbender Bimetal GP
    Hellbender Bimetal GP
    Our best value blade delivers bimetal M42 performance at a carbon steel blade price point.
  2. Hellbender Bimetal Longevity
    Hellbender Bimetal Longevity
    Our most popular blade combines durable sintered powder metal teeth with a high-strength alloy steel backer for unbeatable multi-purpose performance.
  3. Hellbender Bimetal Tube and Beam
    Hellbender Bimetal Tube and Beam
    Resists band fatigue and tooth stripping in the most demanding interrupted cuts - recommended for pipes, beams, bundles, angles, and multi-material stacks.

  4. Hellbender Flexback Carbon
    Hellbender Flexback Carbon

    An affordable carbon steel blade suitable for light duty metal working in aluminum, brass, and soft steels

4 Items

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